SoulSpark Game

Organism created by Great Works Alliance.

Identify Your SoulSpark: Brought to you by Great Works Alliance . The SouldSpark game is training game for the empathic civilization.

VIMEO 526888299 Presentation of Soul Spark Game

Create your own DNA double helix strand using these icons. Add your own icons too. > STEP 1: Replicate the ones you are focusing on > STEP 2: Put them in a string or create an organism below, in your order of importance > STEP 3: Add your organization name and contact information to the top. > STEP 4: Save your DNA chain and share with your friends and co-workers to see where everyone connects. This game can also be played for a personal evaluation. Follow the instructions above and just replace 'organization name' with 'your name'. We are looking to create 3 more RDG badges as well to fit around the Regenerative Soccer Ball and invite your input. Send us an email to temporarily access this board.

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