Nathan Cruz

About: I believe in commitment of being a team player from the moment of inception all the way to procurement of any function.

Primary focus is to provide and maintain exceptional credibility, integrity, & an overall understanding of quantifiable result creation at all times, most especially in any task set before me. I thrive to learn from my experience and grow in ways that will further flourish versatility in skillset, knowledge, & all abilities of application. Whatever the task, skillset orientation, & integrity are my passions!

# Role G.W.A. Co-Founder & Administrative Director, Technical Director, Consultant

# Superpowers: Adaptive, Dedicated, Disruptive, Cross-professional that holds a strong commitment to understanding & individualized care applied within all applied scopes & fields. ~ Supervisory & motivational training experience ~ time management ~ adaptive coping skills ~ mobilizing a group/ team or individuals in order to get objectives done quickly and efficiently.

# Passion and Studies - disenfranchised | human | child advocacy | big brother mentor | organizations & non-profits, state | county | federal | multinational - public speaking & debate, journalism critique & interview - coaching, psychology, philosophy, stimulating discussions relating to quantum theory, physics, etc., brainstorming for excellence & innovations | think tanks - myriad of applied technologies - business contract and relations, legal & political organizations, oversight committees - program management, procurement, & implementation | identifiable loss prevention, matching needs/or assets & troubleshooting focusing on mutual benefit of an individual &/or organization - scout & networking | content creator | independent multimedia content production via- interactive supervisory & interactive collaboration | music | video |show branding, planning, building structured formats.

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