Lyra Star

> Master Quantum Dream Weaver

She is passionate about bringing the fun back to humanity while healing our planet.

In 2007 she founded Earth College and created magnetic logos which she and her family sold to people while traveling across the country in 2009.

In 2016 she founded The Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families and has been involved in many outreach projects to support young families and children in learning and growing in healthy ways.

Author of “In Praise of Butterflies; The space between life and death”, “Quantum Quinn and the Night Mirror”, Co-author ~ ”Hitchhiker’s Manual to the Innerverse & Universe”

# Role

Co-Founder and Executive Director of GWA, Infrastructure and Technical Architect, Consultant, Game Developer, Motivational Speaker.

# Superpowers - Reiki Master (1998) ~ Master Baker (2000) ~ Licensed Minister (2018) - Master gardener and agricultural developer (2017) - artist - web/graphic designer, architect - author - human resource manager - team manager - public speaking and mediation - Holistic healer, nutritionist - educator and mentor - driven, adaptive, have attention to detail and more.

# Passion and Studies Passions and Studies include: - Mental and physical alternative healing techniques - regenerative and sustainable development - environmental architecture and gardening - environmental education - human psychology/human nature

# Business Experience Business owner since 1999 (baker, store owner, online business: - Founder of Earth SoL Ministries/ Earth College (founded in 2007) - Legal aid (2002) - Family Rights Advocate, Administrative Secretary for The Family Rights Party (2016-2019)

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