Jam Sites

Here we list current __Jam Sites__. These sites, and the roster on this card are used by the Jam Activity wiki page.

# Rosters

Jam Sites festivaljam.org festivaljam.xyz goaljam.org 17.goaljam.org alex.goaljam.org azuraye.goaljam.org china.goaljam.org clbsac.goaljam.org david.goaljam.org fashion.goaljam.org game.goaljam.org genivier.goaljam.org goals.goaljam.org greatworksalliance.goaljam.org ims.goaljam.org myworld360.ims.goaljam.org kev.goaljam.org kishan.goaljam.org lua.goaljam.org lyra.goaljam.org marshall.goaljam.org michael.goaljam.org my150.goaljam.org sdgs.goaljam.org soul.goaljam.org tools.goaljam.org zeek.goaljam.org spacenet.work finsburypark.spacenet.work ic.spacenet.work map.spacenet.work visualjam.org visualjam.xyz gaia.visualjam.xyz


# Latest Festival Activity The list of sites above, is updated manually by the festival producer. If you are looking for a live, up-to-date index, you can follow the following link: - Live Festival Activity

There are also a bunch of Dead Sites.