Goal Jam

__Goal Jam__ is a weekly meet where we gather to write and make together around the topic of sustainable development goals.

Our goals are playful, yet targeted at all the good shit we find behind the jargon of sustainable development. Our Focus is on Making. We take the spirit of a Hackathon, and form teams around the making of helpful tools, but also research, and outreach.

We may make a beautiful video, or research and reach out to a project that is working on the ground. We are working on creating a musical installation together that we call sound garden, and we are developing content together and developing software together that supports an open peer-to-peer education platform for each of the 17 sustainable development goals.

# Our first goal

Our first goal, and our first jam is around partnerships: - Partnership Jam

And out aim is to make. So let's make (each of us from our own initiative), let us write about a partnership we would like to seek. To give this more focus, try to relate this to Earth Day.

Our aim is to present the results of our work on Earth Day 2021 and invite others to join us.

So pick a theme on:

And reach out to engage other learners, mentors, or teachers that can help us with creating a platform for: - Goal 4: Quality education

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