Festival Jam

This week we ask:

> Could we organise a Global Syntegration

# Take Coordinated Action

We can take action! Today we are making a call to all previous and new environmental festivals to co-ordinate their voices, and co-create the greatest environmental festival in history focussed on taking action.

First we invite each local festival to come up with an idea - some action they would like to take - something they would like to do for COP26. We will interview each other, and start a mapping exercise so that we can begin the process of coordinating our actions.

We are working with like minded communities to co-create a beautiful map that can guide us better to see how we can help each other to put on the best damned festival and cultural event ever!

# Mapping This mapping exercise brings together three layers of coordination: - Eco Festival Mapping - Intentional Community Mapping - Regenerative Economy Mapping

> How can we make partnerships for SDG’s with existing groups that organise festivals and events?

# Norway We are starting in Norway, by inviting each of the 30 previous self-organised festivals to take part in a local Networked Climate Festival.

# Earth Day and Gaia Fest at COP26

Our aim is to create a call to action on Earth Day 2021 - we will organise a networked 48 hour live music and podcasting station as the sun rotates around the earth on Earth Day.

And we will ask people to offer some action, to commit some concrete help - so that COP26 can be as productive and constructive as we can make it.