Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a game in which participants assemble an imaginary team of real life footballers and score points based on those players' actual statistical performance - wikipedia

An emerging variant is club-based fantasy football in which participants select players from within their own club. Participating clubs typically have more than one football team and adopt club fantasy football to increase communication and banter between teams.

Some clubs charge a nominal amount for players to enter a team and either use the proceeds as a fundraiser or to fund the fantasy league prizes. Club fantasy football leagues tend to be less sophisticated than the national variety since most clubs run them on a spreadsheet. Niche sports websites now offer online versions with both paid and free versions available.

# Charity fundraising

Here we consider if it is possible to create a Fantasy Football Charity Game. The core idea is that individual tender for players, and collect limited edition trading cards. The team so assembled enters into a fantasy football competition on behalf of a named charity.

# Points scoring

Points are then gained or deducted depending on players' performances. Points systems vary between games but typically, points are awarded for some or all of the following achievements:

* Playing in a match * Scoring a goal * Making an assist * Keeping a clean sheet * Saving a penalty * Goalkeeper saves 3 shots or more * Win of the team

As well as the above, points can be deducted for some or all of the following:

* Conceding a goal (goalkeepers and defenders only) * Receiving a yellow or red card * Missing a penalty kick * Scoring an own goal * Getting substituted * Loss of the team

For this reason some fantasy football games have changed their scoring system to put greater emphasis on real player performance instead of emphasising goals and assists. For instance the game KAISER uses player scores gained by computer analyses based on dozens of different criteria. These scores are supplied by the data provider OPTA.

The game Oulala Fantasy Football uses a sophisticated scoring system. With 70 different points scoring criteria, which includes a matrix of any action that a player can perform, the criteria of 70 rises to a total of 275 dependent on each player's position on the field. Detailed actions include corners won, shots on/off target, successful dribbles and provoking an offside as well as many more others. These stats are sourced from Opta Sports and update in real time.

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