Climate Action Festival

A __climate action festival__ is an event focussed on taking action. We are here to celebrate making a difference. Every aspect of the festival is structured and assessed with the aim of encouraging each other, and maximising the pressure on governments and businesses to take action on climate change.

The three pillars of a decentralised __climate action festival__ are: 1. Climate - built on a climate commons 1. Action - the focus is on taking action 1. Festival - it's a celebration

# Networked Local Festivals We encourage local communities to come together, online or in person to celebrate, dance and learn from each other. You can take part at home, out in nature, at a club, community centre or traditional art, theatre, music or festival venue.

The format of the festival is Decentralised, by which we mean we structure the event around local gatherings, rather than flying everyone to a central location.

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