About Time

Here we start to collect some thoughts, research and writing about time in a collaborative context.

# Time Zones

Here's a neat little tool which gives a link that auto converts time zones - https://notime.zone/MQgi8PE6kkcWJ

In wiki we can easily create a listing of times in various time zones, as well (as the viewers current time zone) like this:

Goal Jam Friday Meet DATE Friday TIME 17:00 FOR 120 minutes IN Europe/London HERE

See the About Zones Plugin for a description of how to edit the plugin and add it to a page of your choice.

# Woven For more serious organisation of personal anf group time we use Woven. Or at least that is our current choice. It's not perfect but is the best we've found so far. It's free to use, and available for mobiles.

If you haven't got yourself a copy yet, use this link to download it and see how you like it. There are good videos showing you how to use the software, and it gets quite philosophical: - Register and download at woven.com